Construction Equipment

Our main activity is to provide rental of construction /earthmoving machineries to medium / large construction companies who are engaged in the business of constructing/building of roads, airports, power projects, institutional industrial complexes, multiplexes and residential buildings and other related infrastructural activities chiefly catering to Public Sector undertakings, private sector, CPWD and various national government aided projects. It makes business sense for the firms implementing these numerous infrastructure projects to take these costly construction equipment’s on a rental basis as they would not like to block their money in procuring construction equipment’s which can be used for executing other projects as well. The other advantage of taking the equipment on rental basis is the availability of quality equipment’s without the hassle of their maintenance.

Carting: With our new and updated fleet of modern carting, we specialise in carting for sand, soil, metal, gravel, grit, etc. to the client desired site and location within best possible time and rate.